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Do you feel that something is wrong?


Do You?

  • Worry constantly?
  • Have difficulty relaxing?
  • Easily get angry?
  • Feel tearful?
  • Suffer mood swings?
  • Feel numb?
  • Obsess over things?
  • Lack confidence?
  • Put things off?
  • Lack motivation?
  • Have low energy?
  • Feel helpless?
  • Drink too much alcohol?
  • Smoke to feel better?
  • Comfort eat?
  • Fear gaining weight?
  • Have trouble sleeping?
  • Wake up feeling exhausted?

These symptoms of stress and anxiety can lead to depression!

Work with me to understand how to get liberated and find your path to freedom!

I can help you!



Why I Understand

I was diagnosed as clinically depressed over 20 years ago and put on a cocktail of prescription drugs. The dark times lasted for over a decade. There were days when I just never wanted to carry on.

I used alcohol to numb out. I ate mindlessly. I shopped compulsively to feel better. I was addicted to late night TV. I was deeply unhappy in my home life and at work.

I struggled on my own for a long time and it took courage for me to get help. 

But I got help and found my way out of the darkness. If I can do it, so can you!

When you suffer from depression, it feels like nothing can ever help and nothing will ever change…

But it can and I will prove that to you!

My Tried and Tested Formula

I aim to make a difference as quickly as possible in the way that you feel, day-to-day, so that you can start to enjoy life again.

I have an extensive toolbox of techniques and processes that are based on cutting-edge neuroscience and ground-breaking therapies incorporating Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Journey Work and Coaching to get you feeling better fast!

I teach you fast-acting, effective energy work, which focuses on specific acupressure points, to help you relieve stress and tension. These are tried and tested methods that you can use yourself at home or in situations where you need to lower your emotional intensity and discomfort. 

I help you change your relationship with your past and dramatically transform your physical and emotional health in the present by showing you how to take control of your mind and, in doing so, your life.  

My offering is unique. It is a combination of services that you will not find anywhere else! Using the most effective practices known for delivering results, I create a tailor-made program for you, specifically customised to your individual needs. 

Together we will uncover any limiting beliefs you may have, unhealthy patterns and destructive habits, remove them and install new, healthy, supportive behaviours to create and sustain lasting change.

In our sessions I will:

  • provide a safe space for you to express yourself 
  • listen with an open mind and non judgemental compassion
  • help you face your challenges and overcome them
  • reduce the amount of worrying and introspection you are doing
  • teach you how to lower your stress and anxiety
  • unravel any fears so that you can be free of their grip
  • help you balance your thinking
  • improve your sense of well-being
  • help you appreciate and love yourself more

To have the gift of feeling more contentment is surely priceless. Isn't that worth following up on?


In a matter of weeks, I went from being depressed, not able to go to work, shutting myself off from friends and family, to feeling so much happier, more confident and able to return to work and hold my head up high, thanks to Janet. Gina

With Janet's help I have been able to unlock my self-confidence and remember that I can prioritise myself, not only for my own benefit but also for the benefit of those around me. Janet's kindness and warmth are so relaxing and her soothing voice always sends me into a lovely, peaceful place. I always leave her sessions feeling much more confident and much more able to face (and enjoy) the world. Alex

Suffering from post traumatic stress, I found Janet through The Journey and she has changed my life for the better. I feel a different person.  Nicole

I had a session with Janet and she helped me to face what I needed to face, even though it was hard. The process went really deep and at the end I felt lighter, brighter and re energised.  I would highly recommend Janet to those who are seeking to find answers about themselves.  She is truly authentic and an inspiration to others. Raneli

My life is transformed. Before, I was anxious about everything  but, after working with Janet, I  found  a new lease of life.  She really did put a spark back in my  tank! Robert

Janet is the practitioner that, in one session, helped me quit my food hoarding and I can confirm now that my fridge is at 30 - 40% capacity. Thank you Janet. Raluca

I saw Janet for a total of 12 sessions.  I had been suffering from recurring panic attacks and was having problems studying, unable to concentrate. With Janet's help, my sleep patterns improved. I learned how to use her techniques to reduce my anxiety. I felt hugely more confident.  I feel that I underwent a real transformation and am so glad to have found her. Carl

I know Janet as a coach from the Journey Method On Line 2018/19 and received a Journey process from her during that time. My experience of her is that she is very committed, doing the best for her clients and is extremely sensitive to their needs. She works intuitively, with devotion, passion and is very experienced. In the embrace of Janet I felt very safe, loved and cared for. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to clients of mine. Annette  

Free Initial Consultation

I offer a free consultation so that we can both see if the services I provide can help you.

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Clear out unwanted, limiting behaviour patterns and negative thought processes and make room for new beginnings!  Lift depression and anxiety with Mind & Body Soul:utions therapy!

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