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From my amazing clients ...



I wasn't sure what to expect from my session with Janet but felt she was a safe pair of hands and when she asked me to just trust the process, I was happy to go within and listen to her guidance. 

It was a very simple process for me, the answers and images came instantly, which meant we were able to very quickly examine those hidden thought processes that were being triggered and producing unwanted behaviour. My issue was around being a martyr at Christmas and not being able to receive help from others. I can cheerfully report I have just had the best Festive Season ever. We cooked for 14 family members on Christmas day and then spent 3 days over New Year with 14 other family members. I enjoyed every moment and was able to be a cheerful host and a helpful guest.
As my session with Janet went so quickly and a resolution was achieved, she used the remaining time to uncover another layer to the issue. This isn't a process that just helps you feel better on the surface, Janet guides so skilfully that you're able to have a deeply healing experience. I am very happy to recommend her.

Janet helped me overcome my anxiety and irrational fears. She put me at ease straight away and gave me lots of strategies to put into place that helped me whenever I started to feel anxious. I now have the confidence in myself to feel more in control and am no longer frightened by my emotions. Friends and family have seen a change in me since I started seeing Janet for hypnotherapy. She makes you feel very comfortable and is so easy to talk to. The hypnosis sessions are so relaxing and I come away feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Janet to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy. It has changed my life in so many positive ways. I can’t thank her enough. Sheila

I would thoroughly recommend working with Janet. Her ability to hold a safe space and really tune into what’s going on for her client is phenomenal.

In our session we worked on a real block that I’ve had around money, security and abundance. She patiently and lovingly delved into what was going behind my beliefs until we got to the root cause. After the session I felt so much lighter and more positive around my future and following my path, living my true purpose and being authentic. Thank you so much Janet!  Sue

I wanted to explore some inner work as I felt there were emotional aspects from my past that were giving rise to physical symptoms.  I had experienced a couple of healing modalities and was intrigued by what a therapy session with Janet could do for me. 

Janet is extremely gifted in her work, creating a safe space for her clients and guiding me effortlessly through a really elegant process.  Janet made my session feel so simple and easy, as she has a very calming and empathetic presence.  As a practitioner, Janet intuitively knows how to move the process forward, which questions to ask, and how to allow your story to unfold.  I really enjoyed our work together and would wholeheartedly recommend Janet's expertise to anyone who wants to explore their feelings at a deeper level and go to the root-cause of a problem.  I couldn't have anticipated what came up for me and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to revisit old memories and heal unresolved issues.  

Since my session I have had lots of personal insight and ah-ha moments.  I also see how my relationships have started to change and how I am relating differently to those around me.  It is still early days since my session so I am excited to see how things will continue unfolding for me. Jonathan

If ever you get the chance for Janet to take you on a Journey of self-discovery take it.

She has the tenderness of an Angel to bring forth whatever you really need to discover about yourself.

In my case it was that all that I needed was inside of me, and that I could be and become anything that I really wanted in life – on my own!  

I had been validating myself for so many years on how others received me and in particular had been referencing who I was in relation to my husband.

This was not an easy extraction as it was so embedded after such a long marriage, however Janet’s skill in extracting the truth of ‘me’ was extra-ordinary.

I will be forever grateful as I shall now be standing on my own two feet.

Whether remaining in marriage or not, I shall be my own person, as I am recognising who that is. Much love my technicolour Angel. Sarah

I was lucky enough to have a therapy session with Janet. Initially, I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on but then it presented itself during our introductory chat. To be honest I thought it was too big a topic to be able to get any clarity on but through Janet's gentle guidance a memory emerged that held so much upset in it and with Janet's guidance I was able to change the emotional charge it held and feel so much lighter and freer as a result. Wendy

I was sceptical about hypnotherapy at first and reluctant to book an initial consultation even, thinking that it would end up in some kind of hard sell. But things were getting pretty pressurised at work and my relationship with my partner had started to go down-hill, so I made the call and Janet was so understanding. She listened to my problems and seemed to know exactly what I was going through. I booked a session with her and am so glad that I did. Janet helped me to set healthy boundaries and to feel more confident in using my talents and skills, helping me recognise my own strengths, and to put into action positive steps that ended up in me getting a promotion at work!! My relationship with my partner has also gone from strength to strength. I am in such a better place now than I was before seeing Janet. I am so grateful to her for her help. I thoroughly recommend her as consummate professional with a lovely personality, who is passionate about helping people! Rebecca 


Janet was amazing. She was 100% present with me throughout our time. I felt like she nurtured my anxiety so that we could actually process what was happening and it helped me really deepen a healing journey. Janet has an awesome tool kit, which she is not afraid to use and provides a very thorough healing session - unique specialty that only Janet can do. She is attentive skilled and her guidance in a journey or whichever modality is used is highly recommended!! You will not be disappointed rather you will be unravelling something within in the sacred safe space Janet provides! Natalie

In a matter of weeks, I went from being depressed, not able to go to work, shutting myself off from friends and family, to feeling so much happier, more confident and able to return to work and hold my head up high, thanks to Janet. Gina


I was experiencing resistance to getting things done and Janet led me through a great mind detox session to let this go and get on with it. She asked just the right questions, really got me reflecting on what the resistance was all about, and l left feeling very positive about my bigger vision, which made getting my to-do list done actually feel good. Zandra

With Janet's help I have been able to unlock my self-confidence and remember that I can prioritise myself, not only for my own benefit but also for the benefit of those around me. Janet's kindness and warmth are so relaxing and her soothing voice always sends me into a lovely, peaceful place. I always leave her sessions feeling much more confident and much more able to face (and enjoy) the world. Alex

Suffering from post traumatic stress, I found Janet through The Journey and she has changed my life for the better. I feel a different person. Nicole

I had a session with Janet and she helped me to face what I needed to face, even though it was hard. The process went really deep and at the end I felt lighter, brighter and re energised. I would highly recommend Janet to those who are seeking to find answers about themselves. She is truly authentic and an inspiration to others. Raneli

My life is transformed. Before, I was anxious about everything but, after working with Janet, I found a new lease of life. She really did put a spark back in my tank! Robert

Janet is the practitioner that, in one session, helped me quit my food hoarding and I can confirm now that my fridge is at 30 - 40% capacity. Thank you Janet. Raluca


I saw Janet for a total of 12 sessions. I had been suffering from recurring panic attacks and was having problems studying, unable to concentrate. With Janet's help, my sleep patterns improved. I learned how to use her techniques to reduce my anxiety. I felt hugely more confident. I feel that I underwent a real transformation and am so glad to have found her. Carl

Janet is a very sensitive person and has a wonderful calm voice ....within 5 to 10 minutes I´m in so deep relaxation I could never imagine. Already after two hypnotherapy sessions I felt wonderful freedom inside: I forgave a person who before blocked myself from happiness for some time and now I´m feeling free again and joy is back in my life. Thanks so much for your great support Janet!! Annette from Germany

To work with Janet is very easy and relaxing. I was feeling very stuck, comparing myself with others and not feeling good enough. Her insight was just right for my situation. She guided me gently and intuitively to a memory from childhood and helped me to release negative feelings around it and make the memory positive and warm. I was able to see things from a more positive perspective. I now feel much more confident and that there is a fun-filled life ahead of me. Gunnar from Iceland


Janet has a lovely gentle approach with all of her work and the skills she brings to her sessions. 

She is thorough with the tools she uses and makes sure she understands what it is you’re expressing, rather than assuming her understanding and going off course. 

She makes sure you feel comfortable at each stage and has a very nurturing style to her work, which makes you feel looked after. 

With a plethora of experience and knowledge, you’ll receive well rounded support from Janet, which will leave you feeling lighter and more positive. 

And if nothing else, the beautiful colour she brings to her sessions is enough to uplift the darkest night of the soul. She is a joy to be with. Mary Jane

I know Janet as a coach from the Journey Method On Line 2018/19 and received a Journey process from her during that time. My experience of her is that she is very committed, doing the best for her clients and is extremely sensitive to their needs. She works intuitively, with devotion, passion and is very experienced. In the embrace of Janet, I felt very safe, loved and cared for. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to clients of mine. Annette from the Netherlands