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How can coaching using the Enneagram help?

What makes you tick? Find out with Enneagram coaching!!


Based on the Enneagram model, I can help you gain insights into your personality type, which can take you on a journey of self-discovery, so that you will better understand what drives you to react the way you do. 

By identifying some penetrating behavioural traits, you can learn to recognise what triggers you and, in doing so, be more in a position of choice.

You will be more able to discern how your passion combines with your instinctual needs to shape unconscious behaviour. 

It is a fantastic tool to help you become more aware of your ego, to see how attraction and resistance shows up for you in your life by acknowledging your motivators and core avoidance.

My coaching is definitely not mainstream and provides a different dimension to traditional practices. 

The Enneagram is highly revealing and often excruciatingly accurate and, combined with my coaching techniques, can be instrumental in stripping away any masks that you may hide behind and thereby help resolve your hitherto unanswered questions about yourself.

It is common to find a little of yourself in all nine of the types, although one of them should stand out as being closest to yourself. This is your basic personality type.

One of the best ways of being sure that you have typed yourself correctly is to get clear about your wings and your connections (depicted by the arrows in the above diagram).

Together, we will explore this and investigate which wing (the point to the left or to the right of your type) feels the more dominant. 

Wings add potential characteristics to your core Enneagram type. Wings do not change your core motivational or character structure, which remains the same throughout your life and can be a small or large part of your overall makeup. 

We will look at how your compensatory behaviours align with your core avoidance and how these can combine with your wings to create stress, angst, tension, suffering and blockages.

Once we have shone a light on where you sit within the model,  we can put strategies in place to harness the positive attributes of your Enneagram type so that you can shift patterns that are not serving you.

Together we will begin to do the growth work that will remove the 'lampshades' that have obscured your light.

This awareness can help put you back in the driving seat so that you are the driver not the passenger! 

Take a look at some behaviours associated with the Nine Enneagram Types below and see which point resonates the most with you.  

Please be aware that behaviour alone does not determine type. You are unique in the way you have developed since childhood and in the way your personality is expressed.  

As an individual you are more complex, unique and distinct than your Enneagram type reflects.

This method of coaching is enlightening and, combined with my unique, tried and tested processes, delivers outstanding results. 

Which Enneagram Type resonates most with you?

Someone who fears loss and separation?


Do you prefer to placate and smooth things over?

Do you smile and be polite when you don’t really mean it?

Do you walk away from problems "sweeping them under the rug”?

Do you find yourself being obstinate, fatalistic? 

Do you often feel numb?

Above all, do you want to create harmony,  have "peace at any price” and avoid conflict?

Someone who fears lack of guidance and support?


Do you imagine catastrophes so you can plan to avoid or manage them?

Do you long and contrive to be accepted, included in the group?

Do you find yourself running on stress while complaining about it?

Do you feel persecuted and that others are out to get you?

Do you turn to alcohol, drugs or self-debasing behaviour?

Above all, do you want to have security and feel supported by others?

Someone who fears failure and humiliation?


Do you covet the success of others, willing to do "whatever it takes" to appear superior? 

Do you find yourself “name-dropping” to gain importance by association?

Have you ever become vindictive, attempting to ruin others' happiness? 

Are you devious and deceptive so that your mistakes and wrongdoings will not be exposed ? 

Above all, do you want validation and to be admired and impress other?

Someone who fears being deprived or in pain?


Do you tend to be impulsive and infantile and not know when to stop?

Do you find yourself being scattered and undisciplined?

Do you constantly seek new and exciting adventures but can become distracted?

Do you use humour or uplifting stories to avoid feeling your real emotions?

Above all, do you want to maintain your freedom and avoid missing out on fun experiences?

Someone who fears being defective?


Do you have a compulsive drive to judge, find fault and put others straight? 

Do you sometimes think that you alone know how things "ought" to be?

 Do you internally fight with injustices, immoralities or imperfections?  

Do you assume the moral high ground and take control because of it? 

Above all, do you want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, and be beyond criticism so as not to be condemned by anyone?

Someone who fears having no personal significance?


Do you tell yourself an internal story of victim-hood or brokenness?

Do you imagine yourself to be super talented, special or elite?

Do you drive away anyone who tries to help you but want to attract a "rescuer"?

Do you resort to abusing alcohol or drugs to escape?

Above all, do you want to express your individuality, surround yourself with beauty and take care of your emotional needs ? 

Someone who fears being unwanted, unworthy of love?


 Do you need to be seen as loving, caring, selfless, noble, good, worthy? 

Do you need to uplift others and bring out the best in them? 

Do you always see the good in others, constantly filtering out the “bad”, use flattery?

Do you abuse food or resort to substance abuse to "stuff down feelings" and get sympathy?

Are you secretly manipulative and self-serving?

Above all, do you want to be loved, to express your feelings for others and be needed? 

Someone who fears being controlled by others?


Do you defy any attempt to control you and become completely ruthless and dictatorial?

Do you ever have feelings of invulnerability?

Do you ever override, bulldoze or bully others with your words, energy or power?

Do you assume the role of protector of loved ones, the weak or the underdogs?

Would you rather destroy everything than surrender to anyone else?

Above all, do you want to be self-reliant, dominate and stay in control of your situation? 

Someone who fears being helpless, or incapable?


Do you lose yourself, spending long periods in endless, detailed research?

Do you become preoccupied with your thoughts and imaginary constructs?

 Are you obsessive?  

Do you use cynicism and intellectual superiority as a weapon and protection against the world?

Do you become provocative and abrasive, with intentionally extreme and radical views?

Above all, do you want to possess knowledge and have everything figured out as a way of defending yourself from any threats?

Which Enneagram Point do you feel drawn to?

Are you OK as long as people around you are OK?


Are you easy going and flexible?

Are you  accepting, trusting and stable?

Are you good at getting different parties to listen to each other?

Are you the glue between family, friends and colleagues?

Would you rather resolve any  tension and let go of the past than hold grudges?

Is "knowing it and seeing it" two different things?


Do you have a natural talent for investigating all aspects of a situation?

Do you construct worst case scenarios so that you are prepared for anything?

Do you have insights into group dynamics so you can support a team?

Is safety important so that you often carry plasters or emergency supplies?

Do you need to be the best at what you do?


Do you want to be a beacon of light and inspiration?

Do you achieve whatever you put your mind to, having laser sharp focus?

Do you work smart and own your look?

Are you great at noticing others' responses and adapting to suit?

Do you always get things done?

Do you need to experience exciting possibilities?


Do you tackle any situation with glee?

Do you clearly see a perfect future?

Do you cheer people up and help them see the brighter side of life?

Do you motivate others to self-empower and get unstuck?

Are you a great networker?

Do you work to improving an imperfect world?


Do you stick with tasks no matter how hard they are?

Do you have a gift of making order out of chaos?

Can you only relax when everything is perfect and polished?

Is truth central to everything?

Do you create beauty and meaning for the world?


Do you feel emotions strongly?

Do life and death reach into the depths of your soul?

Do you feel others' emotions?

Do you sense intuitively?

Do you mesmerise others with a  flair for evocative drama?

Do you deserve love because you are loving?


Is your super power sensing the feelings and attitudes of others?

Are you always there for others without needing to be asked?

Is your heart big and has the capacity for deep compassion?

Do you tailor compliments so that others feel valued?

Do you know what is needed of you even before you are told?

Do you believe that only the strong survive?


Do you jump in and do?

Are you tough as nails and will stand up for others?

Do you have instincts that tell you what to do in the moment?

Do you see life as a bit of a war game?

Do you have the heart of a lion and face challenges head on?

Do you get going immediately and easily make quick decisions?

Do you want to understand the universe?


Do you have the skill of quiet observation?

Are you a walking encyclopaedia? 

Do you believe life is made up of minuscule puzzle pieces?

Are you eager to learn so take things apart to figure out how they work?

Do you compartmentalise emotions so that they don't interfere with your clear practical thinking?

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